Enrich your digital customer experience – learn more about Webfuse for easy business-to-web data integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

For the past two decades, companies have invested in digital transformation, and a considerable amount is yet to follow.
When digitalizing legacy systems, companies often look into platforms where they can combine multiple applications, integrate their company processes and automate their business flows.

On the other hand, there has also been an evolution in the target audience of companies. Customers, stakeholders, suppliers, partners, and even employees require a certain level of insight into corporate governance.

Therefore, aside from the need for a central repository for your data, there is an ever-growing market that wants more transparency. Why not kill two birds with one stone by using Dynamics 365 in combination with Webfuse and share some of your treasured data to your target audience on your website?

Microsoft stepping up its game

Microsoft has been the fastest growing IT company over the past years thanks to its cloud strategy. Azure, the cloud hosting provider platform of Microsoft, has seen rapid growth over the past four years and now has a 27% market share in public cloud provisioning (Jefferies, Company reports). 

With the introduction of Dynamics 365 in November 2016, Microsoft has gradually succeeded in combining multiple departments under one product stack. Customer Engagement, previously known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, being the driving force of Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an excellent example of offering a complete set of applications covering companywide operational business processes.  Leverage this with an underlying shared data structure such as the Common Data Services, and you have a powerful toolset at your disposal.

Not only does Microsoft offer Customer Relationship Management (CRM) via Customer Engagement, but it also integrates applications for different departments such as Marketing, Sales, Project Service, Customer Service and HR (Talent). Microsoft is even targeting verticals to cover more ground and launched applications such as Field Service, Retail, e-Commerce and Customer Insights

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor microsoft dynamics 365
An overview of the applications in Dynamics 365, Microsoft. 

Additionally, Microsoft put in tremendous efforts in bringing its ERP system, Navision, and financial system (AX) to the cloud. They are now known in the Dynamics 365 product stack as Business Central and Finance & Operations. Microsoft has successfully managed to create an integrated product stack that allows companies to add these applications as components and tailor them to their specific needs, centralizing all company information and data.
They even share the same data structure. The Common Data Services Platform (CDS) does not only allow you to edit your data in one place as well as update it in different applications, but also enables you to integrate your business processes across different applications and include data from other sources.

Microsoft has successfully managed to create an integrated product stack with Dynamics 365 allowing companies to add applications as components and tailor them to their specific business flows and processes, centralizing all company information and data. “

Jochen Heirman, CEO Webfuse

Data Transparancy

Simultaneously, there is a bigger need for companies to ensure data transparency. The public anno 2019 is extremely demanding (MRS London), and rightfully so. It obliges companies to incorporate integrity, compliance, and transparency as core data exchange values. Not only to customers, but also to partners, suppliers, stakeholders, contractors, and even own employees.
People want to know if companies are trustworthy, what data they possess and how they use it.
Data is hot! Not only to predict trends in the markets, but also to create buyer profiles and eventually to attract more suppliers, partners, customers, business.

The best way for a company to maximize the value of its company data and interact with its target audience. with its target audience is via its website. It is the central repository for public information and is consistent with the brand guidelines. It is also the driving force for enriching the company data (lead generation, product updates, customer information).  Thanks to forms and visitor tracking, companies can gain more insight into their target audience via their website. They can use that information to store in their internal database and as such optimize their strategies and create targeted marketing. Webfuse can help companies in accelerating that data enrichment. 

On the one hand, you have all your company data centralized within your chosen Dynamics 365 applications, and on the other, you have your website, which is the mirror of your company to the public. Yet, there are very few solutions or ready-to-use SaaS products that bridge both systems in a user-friendly way that seamlessly incorporate into the layout and branding of your website. 

Webfuse offers you the flexibility to use the brand consistency of your own website and enrich your regular website content with Dynamics 365 data! The best thing: you don’t have to be a developer to do so.  Webfuse is the first user-friendly SaaS software allowing business users to include Dynamics 365 data and embed it on their website, whether this is a static website or uses a CMS like WordPress or Drupal. Furthermore, Webfuse works bi-directional and provides you with the opportunity to enrich your company data with web form input securely transferred into the Dynamics 365 entities and fields you like.

Webfuse comes with a familiar HTML editor, beefed up with content controls to include Dynamics 365 data. 

Each content control has advanced settings, where you can create the content to fit your content: advanced formatting (text, number, percentage, currency, date), filtering, sorting and grouping loops, field types in forms,… you name it!

Want to learn more? You can already find some more information on our website: www.webfuse.io.
Version 1 of Webfuse will be launched soon and more exciting features are yet to come.

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