Webfuse is releasing soon and we want to give you the opportunity to join in on the action as one of the first.

Webfuse is the first software that allows business users of Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement/CRM to share their data with their audience in a user-friendly way on their website.

Webfuse supports every website and CMS, offering the user a familiar HTML-editor and content controls to easily embed data from your Dynamics 365 for CE/CRM application into the content of your website.

As Webfuse is finalizing its version 1, we would like to invite you to share our joy. You can do this by helping us in testing the product. We are looking for people that want to do perform some code quality reviewing, but also fanatics of functional testing, and an audience having a keen eye for UX and UI.
You will get a month to test the desired functionalities, upon which we will give you some feedback possibilities.
What’s in it for you? We have a very nice gift voucher for you from Amazon to thank you for your efforts!

For a preview of Webfuse, please watch our teaser:

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Let me test it, now!Please go live, now!

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